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            【拍摄大师】Bruno Barbey

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            名字:Bruno Barbey



            第一次看到他的著作(from Ins),被油画般的颜色招引:

            CHINA. Beijing. 1973. 

            Tiananmen Square. School girls prepare for the reception of French president Georges Pompidou


            TURKEY. Istanbul. 

            On the Bosphorus Bridge, Woman passing on the bridge during the Eurasia Marathon.

            ROMANIA. Gyspsies. 1992

            ROMANIA. 1992


            Zalipie, the painted village near Ternow. 

            Houses are completely painted on the inside and outside by their owners. 1976.

            JAPAN. Tokyo. 1971

            Demon磁器口stration against the construction of the Narita【拍摄大师】Bruno Barbey Airport and the war of Vietnam. 

            SOUTH VIETNAM. 

            US bombardment, after the battle of An Loc. 1972

            CAMBODIA. 1996.

                Between 1975 and 1979, Cambodia was governed by a totalitarian regime led by the Khmer Rouges under the direction of Pol POT. 

                Over half a million people died under the regime. 

                An American research team from Yale University, the Cambodian Research Program, has begun to search for those who took part in the genocide operation.

            CHINA. Shanghai.1980

             YuYuan Gardens. 

            CHINA. Sichuan province. 

            Loshan. (乐山大佛)

                The foot of a Buddhist statue, built in the 8th century from a rock clif【拍摄大师】Bruno Barbeyf (72 meters high).

            NORTHERN IRELAND. Londonderry. 1971. 

            Street fighting against British soldiers

            Near Amman. 

            A Palestinian refugee camp

                每次看到摄影师眼中的收容所,感觉就像一个一个的坟墓,相同的场景也出现在Sebastiao Salgado的著作中,碰击人的魂灵。

            KENYA. Near Isiolo. 1965

            Hotel on the top of a tree. 

            JAPAN. Tokyo. 1968

            Wateseda University. 

                Student demonstration protesting against the Vietnam War and the fact that the J【拍摄大师】Bruno Barbeyapanese Government does not officially condemn the war. 

            ITALY. Sicily region. 1963

            Town of Palermo. 

            ITALY. Naples. 1962

            Children and a beggar. 

            ITALY. Liguria region. 1962

            Town of Genoa. 

            ITALY Rome 1962

            INDIA. 1971. 

            Refugees transform tubes into homes in the city outskirts

            FRANCE. Paris. 

                Demonstrators on the day of Gilles TAUTIN's funeral, a student who drowned during a police raid in Flins sur Seine (Yvelines).

             June 15th【拍摄大师】Bruno Barbey 1968

            FRANCE. Paris. 

            5th arrondissement. 

            Students in a chain passing cobble stones for the barricades, Gay Lussac Street. May 10th 1968

            EGYPT. Cairo. 1970.

            Tahrir Square. President NASSER's funeral.  

            More than three million people arrived from a【拍摄大师】Bruno Barbeyll over Egypt to attend the funeral at the Kubbeih Republican Palace.


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